Claire Trageser

Multimedia Journalist


I use computer-assisted reporting, public record searches and data analysis to produce in depth investigations for KPBS/inewsource, Voice of San Diego and The San Diego Daily Transcript.


Second Campaign Staffer Accuses GOP Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio Of Sexual Harassment
Just days before Tuesday’s election in the tight race for San Diego’s 52nd Congressional District seat, a second former staffer for Republican candidate Carl DeMaio is accusing him of sexual harassment.

Staffer Who Accused DeMaio Of Sexual Harassment Says He’s No Impostor
Justin Harper offered to Skype with KPBS to verify his identity after the spokesman for Carl DeMaio’s campaign said KPBS and other news outlets were duped by an impostor in stories about a second DeMaio staffer accusing him of sexual harassment.

Sex Harassment Claims, Leaked Emails Dominate Last Weeks Of DeMaio-Peters Race
Ever since sexual harassment allegations against DeMaio were first aired on Oct. 8, the DeMaio campaign has denied accusations of sexual misconduct, bribery and attempts at a cover-up.

Carl DeMaio: ‘The Future Something’
Election law experts say Carl DeMaio is walking a blurry line by leading a tax-exempt political advocacy group while running for Congress.

Kevin Faulconer’s Run Down the Middle
Kevin Faulconer has the Republican Party firmly on his side in his race for San Diego mayor. But Faulconer’s campaign is working to distance him from the GOP.

Shot Delays: Alternative Vaccine Schedules Mean Fewer San Diego Students Are Fully Immunized
A trend toward giving children fewer shots at one time means more kindergarteners than ever in San Diego County were not fully immunized when they started school last year.

San Diego Cuts Fiesta Island Road Closures In Half, But It’s Not Clear Why
The city has halved the number of times the road on Fiesta Island can be closed for events, citing hundreds of complaints.

City Owes Downtown Property Owners Thousands In Overcharged Fees
The city of San Diego owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who live downtown. While city officials acknowledge these overcharges took place, they haven’t yet repaid anybody.

Despite Promises, Downtown San Diego Residents Have Not Yet Been Refunded
The city of San Diego said downtown residents who were overcharged on their property taxes would get their money back. But nothing has happened yet.

Voice of San Diego

Hey Downtown Property Owners, City Might Owe You
If you own property downtown, the city of San Diego might owe you money. But it says you’re not going to be getting it back anytime soon. Since 2000, property owners in San Diego’s downtown have been paying extra money for services like sidewalk cleaning, tree trimming and security guards on Segways. But many have been paying more than they should.

Behind One Biotech’s Meltdown
Newly released documents in a Securities and Exchange Commission case paint a behind-the-scenes picture of what led to the meltdown of San Diego biotech company Sequenom.

In San Diego, Preparing for Biological Warfare
The scenario sounds like it belongs in a summer blockbuster: A terrorist infected with smallpox is trying to expose as many people as possible. The person may take a flight, hop on a crowded subway car, jump in a bus, or head into a bustling shopping mall. Within two weeks, people exposed to the disease start getting sick: High fevers, headaches and rashes that turn into bumps covering their bodies.

The Race to the Perfect Price
When the CEO of a local biotech company saw actress Glenn Close at a party, he asked for more than her autograph. He wanted to take a peek at her DNA. Three months later, a competitor countered with a celebrity of its own. It would sequence the DNA of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, who joked the results might explain why he’s still alive after biting off a bat’s head and enduring years of drug use.

The San Diego Daily Transcript

New U-T owner has history of support for Carl DeMaio
Doug Manchester, the new owner of The San Diego Union-Tribune, is well-known for his wide range of political donations. But among the four candidates for San Diego mayor, he seems to have a favorite: City Councilman Carl DeMaio.

Company employees think alike when donating to mayoral campaigns
When it comes to supporting San Diego’s mayoral candidates, the employees at a number of local businesses seem to think alike. Twenty-four businesses in the county saw four or more of their employees donate to the same candidate in next year’s mayoral election.