Claire Trageser

Multimedia Journalist

About Me

I am a multimedia journalist at the media outlet KPBS in San Diego. I also write for The New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire, Runner’s World, The Denver Post, The San Francisco Chronicle and Voice of San Diego.

I am a graduate of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, where I wrote a master’s project with Michael Pollan on Americans’ distorted relationships with food. It received the Gobind Behair Lal Award for the Most Outstanding Science or Health-Related Story. I majored in Chemistry at Reed College, and completed a senior thesis, “Pressure Studies on the Multiphoton Dissociation of Chromium Hexacarbonyl,” which let me spend a year in the lab blowing molecules apart with a laser.

Since graduating from UC Berkeley, I wrote for The Denver Post, Voice of San Diego, The Daily Transcript and now work as a reporter and web producer at KPBS.

During my (still fairly brief) career, I have won a 2013 Lilly Scholarship in Religion for Journalists, first place for the San Diego Society of Professional Journalism’s best science/technology reporting in 2012, first place for the San Diego Press Club’s best military reporting in 2012 and first place for San Diego Press Club’s best science/technology reporting in 2011.

I am a social media addict and train for marathons, half marathons and (as of recently) triathlons in my free time.

Thanks for visiting my website! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or thoughts.